New in!! More Vintage Kilim Pillows are finally available! -

New in!! More Vintage Kilim Pillows are finally available!

Hi everyone! I am excited to announce that our second lot of carefully selected vintage kilim cushions are finally in the store.

Story of our Kilim Cushion Covers

Kilim cushions have become very popular in modern - boho home decors recently.

Different than the big Home Department Stores who mass produce these type of cushions, our kilim pillow covers are made from rare antique or vintage Turkish kilim rugs those were handwoven decades ago. These old kilims are collected from the villages of Anatolia, where they were first created and mostly sold by the grandchildren of the weavers. Different regions of Anatolian (mostly women) and men, reflected their happiness, sorrow, celebrations, wishes and love using different colors and motifs. For example, a widely used pattern is ‘elibelinde’, a stylized female figure, motherhood and fertility. Other motifs express the tribal weavers’ desires for protection of their families’ flocks from wolves with the wolf’s mouth or the wolf’s foot motif. Some other patterns hope for safety (of the weaver’s family) from the evil eye. These examples are going on and on, but always taking their references from the nature. Therefore, the vintage kilims reflect the life and feelings of the weaver and his/her culture and society of the time. I find this amazingly unique and precious. With every kilim cushion, you bring a different culture, art, feeling and history with beautiful natural colours right into your home and garden. We search among many hand-woven vintage kilims every month and choose only a few of them for making pillows. The chosen kilims are mostly vintage and naturally have dust, stain or some damages that need to be very carefully taken care of.We clean and repair them before turning them into pillows. In most cases, we strengthen them to last even much longer. Our designers determine the cutting lines on rugs considering their designs and patterns. The back of our pillows features a neutral color cotton fabric with a high quality zipper. As I said in the beginning, I am very excited to share my new Vintage Kilim Pillows with you!  Be inspired and Stay negative!

Arzu / BeachPerfect.DE

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