Key attributes to look for in the organic cotton kitchen towels -

Key attributes to look for in the organic cotton kitchen towels

The popularity of organic fabrics has increased a lot in recent years. Organic fabrics are safe on the skin and do not trap harmful bacteria that can take a toll on your health. It is high time to replace your old kitchen towels with clean and safe organic cotton kitchen towels. People weren’t much aware of the organic kitchen towels when they were originally introduced, but today they have a better idea. Not only the consumer, even the seller, now wants to offer something good for the people and the society. There is a lot of competition in the market if you begin searching for the best organic kitchen towels. Being a layman, it gets little challenging to decide on genuine products and make an intelligent choice. 

To make the selection easier, there are specific attributes that you must look for in a perfect organic kitchen towel

The key characteristics that should never be missed include the following:

Highly absorbent:

One most important feature is that the towel should be made of highly absorbent cotton material. A kitchen towel gets exposed to liquid spills and too much hand drying by those working in the kitchen. Having a porous material will ensure that the towel doesn’t get too wet and is good to use for a longer time. Look for fabrics with a tighter weave as these will be highly absorbent and capture more water. 


Durable material:

While looking for the perfect organic cotton kitchen towel, try to find a durable material as a kitchen towel is to be used repeatedly after undergoing certain washes. Ideal characterises to look for in a towel are soft, thick and tight weaving. 


Easy maintenance: 

If a kitchen towel is safe for machine wash, you must go for it without any second thoughts. No one has the time and energy to wash the towel by hand, plus it will take more time to dry. So, look for an organic kitchen towel that is easy to clean and maintain in the long run.


No compromise on quality:

Never run for cheap brands; your first priority should be the quality of the kitchen towel. Thick towels with a good weave are a great choice that will serve you in the long run. Do not settle for a low-priced towel without paying attention to the absorbent quality. The kitchen should be one place where there should be no room for trapped bacteria as it can affect the health of everyone in the family.


GOTS certification:

One of the easiest ways to ensure the quality and authenticity of an organic kitchen towel is to look for GOTS certification. GOTS stands for the global organic textile standards, and it certifies no use of harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process. 



The colours and patterns of your organic kitchen towel should match the interior and décor of your kitchen. Go for bolder colours so that they do not attract much dirt. Striped designs look amazing in every kitchen type if you need a safe option. Just go with the soothing stripes.

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